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Bicycling Nutrition

Tip #1: Hydration.

Proper hydration is critical for all types of exercise. At least one bottle per hour is the amount of water you should drink to stay hydrated while riding your bike. If the weather is warm, you may need to consume more than one bottle per hour to stay properly hydrated. It’s also important to start drinking about an hour before your workout. Remember not to over hydrate, as your body can properly digest about 16-24 ounces of liquid per hour. On rides of up to 2 hours, you’ll need to replace electrolytes and minerals, and consumer about 150 calories/hour. On rides over 2 hours, consider adding protein to what you consume to promote better recovery and sustained energy levels, while still consuming about 150 calories/hour. If you’ve had problems with cramping and/or decreased energy, please ask one of our trained salespeople for assistance in determining the best product for your needs. In the heat, it is vital to remember to drink and also replenish minerals that are being sweat out of your system. Electrolyte powders, tablets, gels, chews, and bars can all help keep you nourished while it’s hot. Insulated water bottles are another great way to keep your beverage colder longer. Try freezing them for a few hours before you ride to keep your drink even cooler. We carry a large selection of bicycling nutrition products designed to improve your cycling by: GU, Hammer Nutrition, EFS, Clif, Accelerade, Endurox, Sport Beans, Honey Stinger, Nuun, Cytomax, Saltstick, Skratch, Sportlegs, and Jelly Belly. See our nutrition page for more information.

Tip #2: Recovery.

Recovery can be just as important as staying hydrated and fed on the bike. Recovery products are designed to help with muscle rebuilding and decrease the amount of lactic acid that builds up during exercise. Recovery is especially important on multi day rides in which you need optimum energy day after day. Eating a healthy meal after your workout is the best way to replenish and rebuild. If that’s not possible, recovery products will incorporate protein to aid the muscles. We carry recovery drinks from Clif, Powerbar, Endurox, Hammer Nutrition, and EFS. Let us help you choose the right recovery product for you!