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Staff Cycling Favorites

  • Ilene likes the new Wahoo indoor trainers for 2017-18. Check out the KickR for $1199.99 or the Snap for $599.99. Both will be compatible with the not-yet-released climbing attachment for the front wheel! Pairs with so many apps- you’ll never get bored! 

  • Benny likes the new MIPS Z20 helmet from Bell. So many vents, so much protection, and lots of colors!

  • Eric chooses the new Cervelo R5 bikes-beautiful, fast, responsive, and ride like a dream!

  • Ben likes the brand new Wahoo Bolt navigation/bike computer with tons of features. It’s easy to use and so reasonably priced!

  • John likes the Motorex bike line of products- great bike cleaner and chain lube. All in stock now!

  • Ryan likes the winter Endura wool base layers– so toasty and keeps you from getting cold and wet on long winter rides!

  • Daniel likes the all-new Bicycle World kit made for us by Louis Garneau. Using the best materials and chamois, this kit not only looks great, but it fits and rides like a dream! And when you purchase a bike from our shop, the kits are 50% off!

  • Chris likes the new Skratch energy bars- 3 great flavors!