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Bike Shop Testimonials

There's a reason we're one of the best bike shops - our customers! We're thrilled to have so many loyal customers at our cycling shop. They're a joy to work with. We must be doing something right because they're always ready to sing our praises. Just check out some of their comments.

Rhonda Markman

Philip and I are in the Blue Ridge Mountains riding. (Right on the border of North and South Carolina) The other day, we did a six mile climb UP that took us ONE HOUR. I would never have even considered doing such a climb before this summer. The changes that you made on my bike have been life changing.  But more than that, your encouragement has made me more confident and because of that, I have become a much better rider. TY TY TY!!!

Bill Taylor

You worked with me last Wednesday, May 9 and made some “major” adjustments to my bike to get a better fit.  I really didn’t know what to expect from a bike fitting, other than perhaps feeling a bit better on the bike…but I never felt that bad so I didn’t think much could change.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so wrong in my life….you said I would have a significantly  more power in my pedal stroke (and to be honest I thought “ok, maybe I will see a tiny bit of difference”)…..OMG is really all I can say.  The power i am generating on the bike now is out of this world….my FTP went up (according to Zwift) and I wasn’t even focused on that.  You said my legs would feel better, more energetic after rides…you are 1000% right.  I can’t believe how great I feel now.

Scott Wright

I had a chance to take the Klein out today with the new Boras and it’s nothing short of a rocket ship! I just laugh every time I see it, it looks (and is) so fast; you should have seen the grin on my face when I rode it. Between the Bora Ultras, the Michelin Power Competition tyres and latex inner tubes, and the CeramicSpeed pulley wheels, not to mention the full Campy Record groupset,, the whole package just flies.

David Ginsberg

Thank you for the bike fitting. Never felt more connected to my bike! Took your advice and went easy getting used to the new set up. Surprisingly, even going easy, still set PR’s without trying! Went easy on Bike4Chai charity ride a week after fitting, 112 mile day 1, 75 miles day 2. All went well. Fun to ride my bike again!

Amy Gottesfeld

After lots of rainy weather, I finally got out on my new bike this morning! It was the best ride I’ve ever had. Thank you both for taking the time to help me find a great bike that fits me well and for helping me get over my fear of riding a road bike. Without your help, I’m not sure I could have ever done it. I went up steep hills, dirt roads – the whole deal. And the Felt was incredible. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kuniak Kageyama

Another thanks… New Enve wheels are awesome, and Benny’s professional work to adjust the brake and derailleur was perfect. I rode 45 miles yesterday. Here is my comment:

Speed: Above 17-18 MPH, the wheels bring me faster speed without extra effort. I needed to control speed with brakes in the group ride.

Side winds: The wind speed was 11 MPH and 15 gusts yesterday. I went through the bridge on RT 35 and 100 where I had strong side wind. I didn’t feel any torque even with the strong side wind.

Down hill: With 25mm tire, my bike with the wheels was unbelievably stable. Even with side wind during the downhill, the stability was consistent.

Brakes: No problem. The feel is natural, and I didn’t find any disadvantage.

Again, thank you for your support for everything.

Freddie Zaltas

Eric and Ilene, you are not only consummate professionals but an intimate part of my biking family. I am turning 76 in June, and because of your efforts to keep me well seated, my passion is as great as ever. Thank you both and the crew.

Guy Lometti

I am looking forward to my next visit to Bicycle World, as I was blown away with your shop’s customer service and products.

Ray Yao

Took the Madone for 60-mile ride today, and it was just simply amazing!  I’m really enjoying where this high-performance machine is taking me.  The 34/50 crankset is quite the discovery, shifting is crisp and trouble free, and I’m happy to report the Bontrager brakes are providing plenty of stopping power with no brake rub.  I really like the Rolf Alphas a lot; they are a smooth and super fast wheel set (ceramic bearings are definitely a good investment).  The aero handlebars are surprisingly comfortable, and I like resting my hands on the flat parts. It’s like setting your palms on a mini desk.  The long ride definitely confirms your masterful fitting and attention to detail, so I’ve got no issues to report. Saddle install and fit are dialed in to the mm. Rode 100km yesterday on the setup and it was beautiful (read grinning ear to ear)! Thank you again for your masterful work on my bike. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Thanks!

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