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Cruiser Bikes

If you're looking for a bike strictly for some recreation and a comfortable ride, look into buying a cruiser bike. Often referred to as a beach cruiser, this bike offers a relaxed riding position to accommodate casual bike rides. Cruiser bikes are all about simplicity so they're great for cyclists of any skill level.

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Why Buy a Cruiser Bike?

If you're not looking to tackle a mountain trail or hit the open road for a lengthy ride, a cruiser bike is a great option. Cruiser bikes work best for easy, short-distance rides, daily commutes, and leisurely cruising.

Their extra padded saddles and wider flared handlebars allow you to ride comfortably. So, cruiser bikes are great for older cyclists or people who suffer some discomfort from more traditional upright cycling.

Cruiser bikes also let you focus on enjoying the ride because you don't have to fiddle with gearing changes. So you can roll around town and enjoy the sights. It's one reason they're a popular beach bike -- riders can simply cruise along the beachfront and enjoy the day.

Because they lack the performance requirements of mountain or road bikes, you can purchase a cruiser bike at a reasonable cost. And because they have a reduced number of components, you'll have fewer maintenance worries. So you'll spend less on bike repairs and servicing.

Cruiser Bike Features

Cruiser bikes own some distinguishing features -- oversized saddles, balloon tires, coaster brakes, curved handlebars, and more. Here's a closer look:

Frame: A cruiser bike's frame is often more significant than other bikes. Typically, they've been constructed from steel, making them somewhat heavy. More modern versions use aluminum to reduce weight.

Saddle: You'll love the feel of a cruiser back saddle. It's usually well-cushioned, oversized, and comfortably shaped. In addition, the saddle includes a dual-spring system that acts as a shock absorber to make your ride more comfortable.

Tires: Cruiser bikes get a great deal of comfort from their balloon tires. They roll over debris easily and seldom get punctured. Balloon tires are also wider (slightly more than two inches) for improved stability and a smooth ride.

Handlebars: Typically, the handlebars are tall and bend towards the rider. That creates a comfortable steering position. It also helps maintain an upright riding style that alleviates strain on your spine and upper body.

Gears: Although the option exists for up to 21-speed gearing, most cruiser bikes come with single-speed gearing. So you don't have to worry about gearing up or down. After all, you're out for a cruise and not a race. The lack of gears also creates a cleaner bike profile. Plus, it reduces maintenance requirements.

Brakes: Most cruiser bikes use coaster brakes that activate by pedaling backward. That's because the bikes aren't intended for speed but cruising. You can opt for front or rear brakes, however.

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