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Cycling Recovery Food

We carry a full selection of cycling nutrition products at our bike store in Mt. Kisco.  Our sales staff is able to help choose the right type of gel, powder, block, bar, or tablet for you.  We’re well versed in nutritional products for cyclists that address cramping, hydration, replenishing of electrolytes and vital minerals, as well as recovery. We use the products that we sell and can you help you find just what you need! Our pricing is always competitive and we even offer discounts for bulk purchases!

Water Doesn’t Replace Getting Appropriate Nutrients We’re always shocked at the number of customers who tell us that they only drink water, even for long distance riding.  Water does not help replace the electrolytes that you’re sweating out of your system while you’re riding, especially in hot conditions. Electrolytes are made of sodium, calcium , potassium, chloride, phosphate and magnesium. You get electrolytes from the food you eat or what you drink and they are important to ensure proper function of cells and organs. Electrolyte levels change with the amount of water in your body. If something upsets that balance, you may have too little water (dehydration) or too much water (overhydration). 

Electrolytes Prevent Bonking While exercising, your body sweats electrolytes. You need to replace them to maintain the balance in your system. When you are too low on electrolytes, you “bonk”. Bonking can present itself as feeling “fuzzy” in the brain or lead to muscle weakening and cramping.  Long term imbalances can be very serious. To prevent these issues, we suggest drinking electrolyte replacements any time you ride.  There are many options from different manufacturers and we can help you navigate the choices. 

Replace the Calories You Burn  Cyclists also need to eat while riding to replace calories being burned. An average 180 pound rider can burn up to 650 calories/hour of riding.  Keeping up with caloric needs is very important. In addition to regular food like fruit, nuts or cookies, we suggest adding energy bars, gels or gummies. We’ll be happy to make suggestions based on the length of ride you’re doing to keep you feeling your best.

Cycling Nutrition Products at Our Bike Shop
We stock products from:
  • Accelerade and Endurox
  • Clifbar
  • First Endurance/EFS
  • GU
  • Hammer Nutrition
  • Honey Stinger
  • Nuun
  • Saltstick
  • Skratch
  • Sportlegs
  • Tailwind
We’re now stocking a full line of natural CBD products to aid with recovery. Instead of using Tylenol, Aleve or anti-inflammatories, cycling athletes are turning to CBD as a natural solution.  Derived from the hemp plant and without any of the psychoactive chemicals found in THC, CBD is a great solution for recovery and inflammation. We carry oil tinctures, gummies, capsules and topical creams. The right cycling nutrition products can help alleviate dehydration, muscular cramping due to electrolyte loss, hyponatremia, lactic acid accumulation, muscle burn, and bonking.  Even under the toughest conditions, we can help you stay ahead of the pack!
Cycling nutrition products are on sale at Bicycle World NY, Mount Kisco.
See our full line of CBD products to aid with recovery after cycling.

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