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Bike Shipping

Going on a trip or sending your bike to college?  We offer bike shipping services to make your life easy.  We will professionally pack your bike in a cardboard bike box and ship it by FedEx ground to your destination.  This job takes one of our mechanics  1-2 hours to do and ensures that the shipper can’t damage your bike. Please keep in mind that this process requires the removal of some parts from your bike that will need to be reinstalled.  The boxing charge is $80.00, and the shipping charge is what FedEx charges us. Insurance is additional. 

You can also rent a hard case travel box for $75.00/week.  The box is sized for shipping or taking on an airplane.  We also sell hardcases.

We can professionally reassemble your bike after shipping.  You can either have the bike shipped to our shop directly, or bring it in for reassembly.

For additional information about our bike shipping services, please call the shop at 914.666.4044, or use the contact us link.


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