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Bicycle World Alumni

Todd Jankiewicz writes that after 5 fun-filled seasons with Bicycle World, he moved out to Snowbird, Utah where he spent 4 years managing the front office of the Cliff Lodge. From there, he moved to Newport Beach, CA where he was a business consultant in the car industry. Two years later, he spent six months in Nicaragua doing community development with the organization, Bridges to Community. For the following 5 years, Todd lived in Missoula, Montana and was a pharmaceutical sales rep for Johnson & Johnson. In 2006, he married his long time girlfriend named Whitney and they moved to Boise, and they have 2 great kids!

Todd says, “after all these years, and multiple geography changes, some things stay the same: my main passion in life, with the exception of my wife, is cycling. I still dream of working in the cycling industry, and I still find time to race each season. Each Fall I long for the scenic , winding roads and leaf-covered trails surrounding Bicycle World.”

Tom Morris  
reports that after 2 great seasons he moved onto a career in independent school education. He is currently working at a boarding school in Pennsylvania. In between time spent at school, and with his wife and children, Tom still manages to find some time to ride. He would love to return to the bike business someday, and looks forward to riding in the near future with his daughter Grace and son Thomas.

He’d like to thank Todd (bio above) for providing timeless riding advice–whenever possible, go sleeveless and without gloves to avoid funky tan lines!

Reggie Dean
  writes that he remembers his first day of work at Bicycle World on May 7th, 2002, because he was late. “I was living in Brooklyn at the time, and took the subway to Grand Central station, only to see my train pulling away. First days can be hard, but Eric and Ilene seemed to take it in stride and tried not to start off on a bad note.” Reggie came to Bicycle World with experience working in several other bike stores as well as a component manufacturer. He adds “I was really looking forward to being a store manager and I knew that I would learn a lot from The World.”

During his five years with Bicycle World, Reggie married his wife Francoise and they had their first child named Beatrix. Reggie’s dog Sally became the ever faithful shop dog. After Francoise’s graduation from medical school, the Deans decided to move to Portland, Oregon to complete her last three years of residency. Reggie started his own bicycle shop in Portland, and is now working for the US Postal System. Reggie would like to thank all of the customers and staff who made the time he spent at Bicycle World really special. He is still in contact with people from the shop, so please feel free to say hello to Reggie at

Sally Dean
(Reggie’s dog and loyal Bicycle World shop dog) adds that she loved to come to work with Reggie to greet everyone. It was not uncommon to see several children surround Sally and pet her until their parents told them they had to go. Many people came to Bicycle World to visit Sally only, and she had a following of people who stopped by with treats on a frequent basis. If Sally were unable to come to the shop one day, people would always ask where she was, and if she were OK. Sadly, Sally passed away, but she’ll always remain in our hearts.

Matt Bleakley
, who worked with us during high school and college, updated that he graduated from Lehigh University in 2001 with a BS in Geoscience and now works for the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company based out of Baltimore. He likes to travel, camp, cycle, fish, and run. In 2008 he married his wife Karen and they are proud parents of a 6 year old Chesapeake Bay Retreiver. Matt and Karen just celebrated the birth of their daughter! Matt still works on bikes for his family and friends, and is currently saving money to buy a new road bike.

John Costa
, who worked with us from 1997-2000, reports that he attended University of Delaware and graduated with a BA in Communications. After college he began his career as a property manager for a large residential real estate company in New York City. John now lives in northern New Jersey but stops in to visit us when he is home to see his family. John says that working at Bicycle World was his first “real” job and he credits the experience with giving him his strong work ethic.

Doug Costa
, who left Bicycle World in 1999 after several seasons, now lives in Waterbury, Vermont with his dog and his girlfriend. Doug spent 13 years working in the bike and fitness industry, and spent 2 years working on a farm helping with barnyard animals and farming chores. He now is finishing school to earn his degree to be an RN and he enjoys spending time with his son, Josiah. Doug still rides the Trek 970 and the Bontrager Road Lite that he bought when he worked with us, and now also competes in endurance solo single speed races around New England.

Zach Miller
started working with us in 1994 and continued through high school and college until 2000, when he graduated from SUNY Oneonta. After college, Zach travelled and worked in California. In 2005, he returned to NY and Bicycle World for another season. Then he began his career as an 8th grade Earth and Physical Science teacher at John Jay Middle School. Zach and his wife Dina have 2 sons and a daughter,and the whole family enjoys riding! Zach recently stopped by the shop to outfit his oldest son with a new bike!

Chris DiMinno
worked with us full time from 2000-2002 and then on breaks afterward, while he finished school at the Culinary Institute. Chris worked at well known restaurants in the NY area like ‘Cesca, Telepan, and then Blue Hill at Stone Barns before moving to Portland. There, he quickly became head chef at Clyde Common (an amazing restaurant if you’re ever in the Portland area). Chris has been nominated for Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef, and a StarChef nominee, as well as cooking at the James Beard House on three occasions. Chris is currently working on a way to combine his passions of cooking and cycling, while working full time in Portland. 

Alex Jacobson
worked at Bicycle World from 2009-2011. He left the shop to start work on a Masters degree program for Urban Sustainability. While he was attending school part-time, he began working at a bike shop in New York City. Recently, Alex has started work at Keller Williams in NYC as a real estate agent. Alex also got married! Although he’s been very busy, he reports that he hasn’t stopped riding his Ridley Helium that he bought at Bicycle World, and he still loves it. Alex and his wife have recently become parents to a new rider named August. 

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