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Road Bike Specials

Our road bike specials include some model year leftover new bikes that are on sale. These bikes are sold with manufacturer’s warranties and the same free mechanical support program as all of our new bikes.

 2019 Cervelo S5 Disc Ultegra Di2 black/white 56 cm. Was $9000.00 NOW $8000.00

2020 Cervelo C2 Disc 105 navy/orange 54 cm. Was $2900.00 NOW $2700.00

2020 Cervelo S3 Disc Ultegra Di2 black/red 56 cm. Was $6500.00 NOW $6000.00

2020 Cervelo R3 Disc Ultegra black/white 54 cm Was $4500.00 NOW $4000.00

2020 Cervelo R3 Disc Ultegra Di2 orange/blue 51 cm Was $6500.00 NOW $6000

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