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Bike Racks

When you’re looking for a bike rack near you, stop by our cycle shop in Westchester County, NY. Whether you need a setup for bikes or a cargo box for your next family vacation, our factory-trained staff can help you find the right bike rack to suit your needs. We'll even install it for you.

A Bike Rack Lets You Extend Your Adventures

Not everyone is lucky enough to have ideal conditions for their favorite cycling adventure. Plus, sometimes, you want to take your bike and gear with you on vacation. That's when a bike rack comes in handy. They let you haul your bike gear while keeping your indoor space free.

You'll want to keep some things in mind when choosing a bike rack:

  1. How many bikes do you need to carry?
  2. What do you need to carry, and how much do you need to take?
  3. What year, make, and model vehicle must the bike rack fit?
  4. How is your vehicle outfitted currently?

The good news is you have multiple styles of bike car racks to fit your needs. You can select from removable, hitch, and rooftop versions.

We carry bike racks from top names like Thule, Saris, and Kuat. Plus, we have a huge selection of parts and accessories. So, if you're looking to purchase a bike rack near you in the Westchester County area, stop by our Mt. Kisco, NY bike shop. 

Not Sure What Bike Rack is Best for Your Vehicle?

Removable Rear Mount Bike Racks

Rear mount bike racks, or trunk mounts, attach to the back of your car with straps and hooks. They're intended for a shorter distance and infrequent travel. Once installed, it’s best not to open the trunk/hatch. However, you should remove these racks between uses. 

This style of bike rack requires, for example, specific attachment points to attach the hooks. Typically, there are two straps on the top of the trunk lid, two on the sides and two on the bottom.

Rear bike racks don’t fit every car, but many of them. So, to see if your car is an approved fit for this rack style, you can check the rack manufacturer’s website. If your car does not accept a rear bike rack, hitch and roof rack options are always available.

Inexpensive car rack optionUnsecured so they're easier to steal
Convenient for occasional use, portable, and easy to store
Not ideal for hauling your bike longer distances
Easy loading and easy access to bikesPotential to damage your vehicle's paint

Hitch Bike Racks Carry Up to Five Bikes

A hitch bike rack plugs into receiver hitches on any car with a hitch installed. As a result, even if your vehicle did not come with a hitch from the manufacturer, they install easily.

Once you have a hitch, you'll be able to choose from myriad bike racks for two, three, four, or even five bikes! In addition, hang-style racks hold the bike by the top tube, and platform-style racks support the bike's wheels and don't touch the frame.

There are lighter bike racks for two or three bikes, heavy-duty racks to carry electric bikes, and everything in between. One of the long-term benefits of buying a hitch-mounted rack is that as long as you have a hitch on future cars, you'll never need to buy another bike rack! Just keep moving the hitch rack from car to car, for example.

Easy to install and easy to access your bikesRequires a towbar or hitch if you don't have one
Good for frequent use
More expensive than trunk bike carriers
Improved securityNeed to be cautious when backing up
More fuel-friendly than roof bike racks
Can hinder trunk access

If you’re carrying an electric bike, you’ll want to specify that so we can assist you with finding a rack that can support the additional weight. 

Ready to Buy a Bike Rack?

Expert Bike Rack Installation

As a courtesy to all customers purchasing rear bike racks or hitch-mounted car racks, we'll build and install the bike carrier on your car and make sure that you are comfortable using it before you leave our bike store! Installation of roof bike racks is available by appointment for an additional charge. Get a top-quality bike rack from our local cycling shop. And while you’re at it, check out our full line of cycling gear.

Comments from Our Customers

The bike store is easy to find, the workers are very kind and they answer any questions you might have , they are always willing to show you and fit you on any of their bikes until you find the right one .

Sandy Sanchez