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Indoor Bike Trainer

Of course, it's always nice to get outside to take your bike for a spin. But what about times when you can't do that -- rain, snow, bitterly cold weather? That's where a bike trainer comes into play. It's convenient and works independently of outdoor conditions. Plus, you can continue your targeted workouts to support your fitness levels. If you're looking to pick up an indoor bike trainer near you in the Mt. Kisco, NY area, check out our bike shop. We have bike trainers from Wahoo, Saris, Kinetic, and more.

Bring Your Workouts Indoors with a Bike Trainer 

An indoor bike trainer is great to have on hand for a number of reasons:

  • You can get a ride in even if it’s raining or snowing outside.
  • You get home late from work and don’t want to head out in the dark.
  • You can hop on trainer bike in minutes without having to gear up for an outdoor ride.
  • You can watch your infant while still getting in a ride.
  • You can take your training to another level.

Training indoors lets you control all the variables like intensity, RPMs, wattage, and more. And you can do it without outdoor challenges like traffic, wind, hills, or other cyclists.

If you’re considering an indoor bike trainer, we carry the best brands available. Plus, we’ll fully assemble your trainer and show you how to use it properly. 

We also offer accessories like front riser blocks, trainer specific tires, and all of the sensors you’ll need to pair your phone, tablet, or computer to your trainer to make your indoor workouts awesome.

Questions About the Right Indoor Bike Trainer for Your Needs?

Entry Level Bike Trainers

Our entry-level trainer is the Saris Mag + Trainer. The magnetic resistance unit provides a quiet and frictionless ride. Linear resistance boosts workout intensity to match each pedal stroke and gear click. 

The Mag+ comes with convenient, adjustable handlebar-mounted shifter. It’s compatible with Zwift and other virtual training apps. All of this is only $229.99

The Saris Fluid 2 trainer is a great choice if you want a quiet, smooth indoor bike trainer! Priced at $299.99, it’s a bargain! T

he large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) lets you easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would outside. This design also helps keep your Fluid² working better – longer.  

And thanks to the built-to-last manufacturing process, the Fluid² can help you conquer one goal after the next!

Wahoo Indoor Cycling Trainers

We stock the Wahoo Kickr Snap bike trainer that provides all of the training feedback you’ve come to expect from Wahoo. The trainer is super stable and works best with a front wheel block to level the bike.   

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP makes indoor training a “snap!” It’s a convenient, easy to set-up wheel-on smart trainer with the realistic ride experience Wahoo smart trainers are known for.

The SNAP’s legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced when riding outdoors. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road. 

The KICKR SNAP now includes LED lights for connection status, third party power meter support, and the power measurement is now accurate up to +/-3%.   It is  $499.99

Wahoo Kickr Indoor Bike Trainer

Finally, the brand new 2021  Wahoo Kickr   has arrived!   Building on the proven success of Wahoo’s line of KICKR Smart Trainers, the new edition delivers a virtually silent experience and a specially engineered, heavier flywheel. It provides cyclists with the exact inertia they need to recreate the feeling of riding outdoors.

The KICKR continues to provide the best in class indoor bike trainer design with carbon steel body for the durability. Its unmatched compatibility expands to include our new indoor grade simulator, the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB, and our new Bluetooth and ANT+ powered fan, the KICKR HEADWIND. 

The KICKR includes an 11 speed cassette for easy setup and an RPM cadence sensor.  This all time fave sells for $1199.99. We also stock the Wahoo Climb, Headwind and Desk to improve your whole training experience!

Take Your Indoor Training to a New Level

The Climb is the latest innovation from Wahoo and it will literally take your indoor training to the next level! KICKR CLIMB indoor grade simulator is designed to work exclusively with the new KICKR and new SNAP and when paired, it will add physical grade changes to your indoor training. 

The CLIMB is compatible with Third Party Apps, so whether riding a virtual course or performing a structured workout, KICKR CLIMB blends ascents and descents with resistance changes for a truly immersive indoor training experience. 

The world isn’t flat; now, neither is your ride. The Climb is $599.99

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Need a Desk While You Ride?

The Wahoo KICKR Desk is the desk for multi-tasking. Use it as an indoor cycling desk with your KICKR or as a standing desk in your office. It’s fully adjustable to allow you to easily optimize for and switch between standing, sitting upright, riding with hands on the hoods, riding in the drops, and riding in aero bars. 

The desk has built-in tablet and smartphone stands and built-in holes to connect all your computer technology. A steel frame makes it sturdy and a slip-resistant surface will keep everything in place – no matter how much you sweat. The desk sells for $249. 99

If you’re looking for some great fitness apps to use during training, try these.

Get the Right Indoor Bike Trainer for You!

If you’re looking to be ready for the season, or just want an alternative to riding in bad weather, check out our indoor bike trainer options near you at our Mt. Kisco cycling shop. We’ll work with you to come up with just the right solution that will keep you training regardless of the weather or any other condition. Just stop by the store and we’ll get you set up. You won’t find a better bike shop near you in the Westchester County area.

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