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Cycling Shoes

Whether you're looking for spin, mountain, or road shoes, we stock full-size ranges of men's and women's shoes from some of the best cycling shoe suppliers in the industry like Sidi, Garneau, Shimano, Scott, and Bontrager. Our staff will work with you to ensure you receive the best fit. Plus, we'll install your cleats correctly to avoid any potential problems down the road. So when you're in the market for the best cycling shoes near you in Westchester County, check out our bike shop in Mt. Kisco, NY. You can shop in-store or online.

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Why Wear Cycling Shoes?

Let's start with that simple question. The biggest two reasons are efficiency and comfort. When you're riding, your body and bike must work together. But the interface between your pedal and shoe presents a significant weak point. 

As you push your foot down on the pedal, any slipping or flexing in the sole of your shoe translates into wasted energy. As a result, cycling shoes have stiffer soles and cleats to keep you firmly planted. That firm planting helps deliver all that power to your bike chain with no wasted energy.

Moreover, bike-specific shoes offer more substantial comfort for longer rides. Regular shoes work for walking or running. But on a bike, your feet move differently than when walking. Plus, you're flexing different muscles. 

Cycling shoes should fit securely to keep your feet from rubbing and getting blistered. Plus, if you’re riding in the rain, you don’t have to worry about your foot slipping off the pedal because your cycling shoes keep it clipped. So even if you've just been riding in street shoes, you owe it to yourself to try a good pair of new cycling shoes.

You can select men's and women's cycling shoes in all price ranges from our bike shop. In addition, we offer a complete line of accessories, including shoe covers, thermal toe covers, lace locks, insole inserts, and many more. 

You won't find a better lineup of cycling shoes near you in Westchester County, NY.

Shop for the Top Cycling Shoe Brands

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Types of Cycling Shoes

There are two main categories of cycling shoes: road and mountain. Beyond that, mountain bike shoes break into two more classes, "clipless" and flat. Some types fall between mountain and road shoe, like gravel and commuter bike shoes. 

Here's a look at some of the main types of men's and women's cycling shoes:

Road Cycling Shoes

Road cycling shoes are lightweight, have smooth outsoles, and provide good ventilation. Their key feature is the sole. It's stiff to help transfer power to your pedals to enhance performance. Unfortunately, that stiff sole makes them somewhat difficult to walk on because of the lack of traction and flex, not to mention the cleats. 

A road bike generally calls for a three-bolt clip-in pedal system. Cleats attach the bottom of the cycling shoe to the pedals. Connecting your shoe to the pedal allows you to transfer power when pulling up and pushing down on the pedals. It's essential to install the cleats properly, or your risk of injury goes up. 

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes come in flat and clipless styles. Often these shoes benefit from more tread in case you need to get off your bike and walk. They’re also compatible with some indoor cycling equipment. Flat shoes have no cleats but do have rubber outsoles for better grip on your pedals. The lack of cleats makes it easy to get on and off your bike. Use flat cycling shoes for casual, trail, or technical riding.

Clipless mountain bike shoes use a two-bolt cleat system (SPD) that is recessed into the soles to make walking easier.

Commuter Cycling Shoes

Commuter bike shoes present a mix of cycling footwear and casual footwear. Think of them as sneakers for bike riding. They're great for tooling around town, recreational cycling, and indoor cycling classes. 

Because their soles aren't as stiff as road cycling shoes, you lose some pedaling efficiency and power. But if you're looking to ride your bike around town and want to go to some hangouts for a bite or drink, you'll be stylish. 

Regardless of your preference, we have cycling shoes from top manufacturers in a wide range of sizes for men and women. So shop online or stop by our bike shop to try on a pair. We'll ensure your cycling shoes fit perfectly and answer any questions you might have.

Flat Sole Shoes vs. Clipless Cycling Shoes

Let's start by clearing up potential confusion. 

Flat sole shoes work with a platform pedal, i.e., a flat pedal. You can elect to include a toe clip on platform pedals. A toe clip is a "cage" to help keep your foot in place.

Although referred to as a clipless cycling shoe, it does clip into your pedal. The clipless reference reflects the fact that the shoe doesn't work with a toe clip, so clipless.

Generally, commuters and mountain bike riders prefer flat-sole shoes. They allow you to move your foot on the pedal -- a plus if you're a mountain biker trying to maneuver over obstacles. Plus, they enable you to comfortably walk when you're off your bike vs. a clip-on cycling shoe.

On the other hand, road cyclists inherently prefer clipless or clip-in cycling shoes that attach the sole of your shoe to the pedal for greater efficiency.

There are two forms of clipless pedals: single-sided and double-sided. To understand the difference, check out this article. If you wear clipless cycling shoes, it's imperative to set them up correctly.

We have an incredible selection of the top brand cycling shoes, both flat soled and clipless. Plus, we can ensure your clipless cycling shoes work perfectly with your pedals. So stop by our cycling shop in Westchester County to try on some shoes, and we'll get you set up. 

Westchester County's Best Selection of Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes for Spin and Peloton

Spin shoes are shoes made specifically for indoor cycling. So, they have a unique clip that attaches to the pedal of an indoor cycling bike when you apply pressure.

Spin shoes improve the overall safety of indoor cycling and make your overall workout smoother. In fact, many indoor cycling and spin classes require that you either own or rent a pair of spin shoes to properly clip into the equipment. So when you hear your spin instructor tell you to "clip in," they want you to clip your shoes onto the pedal.

We work with spin clubs in the Westchester County area and are aware of the different pedal options available at the clubs to get you set up correctly. Stocking several manufacturers allows us to get the best fit for every rider.

We also stock cycling shoes and cleats to fit home Peloton riders. If you're unsure which type of pedal and cleat you'll need to work for your home spin bike, snap a picture of both sides of your pedal and bring it with you.

The Best Cycling Shoes from the Best Bike Shop

If you're looking for cycling shoes near you in Westchester County, NY, you won't find a better selection for men and women. Shop from the best cycling shoe brands, including Scott, Shimano, Pearl Izumi, Five Ten, Louis Garneau, and Bontrager.

We know it's always tempting to look for the best deals. But don't be fooled by inexpensive mail-order "deals." Remember, fit and cleat placement is critical in cycling shoes. Working with a footwear specialist is the best way to ensure the best fit. So, stop by the cycling shop and try some on. We have a great selection and guarantee you'll get the right fit.

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