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Bike Electronics

In the market for a bike electronics near you in Westchester County, NY? We have a great selection. Get the basics like speed, distance, and time.  Or, step up to models offering an altimeter, heart rate, cadence, and GPS.  We stock bike computers from Bontrager and Cateye, and navigation computers from Garmin and Wahoo!

Bike Electronics for Sale

Make Sure Your Bike Computer Fits Your Requirements

In selecting a bike electronics, start by asking yourself what kind of rider you are. If you’re a casual biker, distance, time and speed will likely do the trick. If you’re more of a touring or commuter cyclist, you might want to step up to a bike computer with distance, average and maximum speed, and total odometer. 

Bump up to a competitive cyclist and cadence, heart rate, elevation gained, and power input may be important. Then there’s a host of other nice-to-have features like a backlight, battery life, data transfer, multi-bike use, and more. 

If wattage floats your boat, we stock Wahoo and Stages. Stop by our cycling store or shop online. We have a huge selection of bike electronics to fit your needs.

Trying to Figure Out the Right Bike Electronics for You?

Common Features of Bike Electronics

Not surprisingly, bike electronic features correlate to cost. The more you spend, the more features you'll get. Most units include these basic functions. But the sky is your limit with bike computers.

GPS functions:  Most bike computers enable GPS so you can monitor distance, speed, elevation, and navigation functions. If you're looking to spend more, you can step up to bike electronics with multiple GPS satellite systems for fast, precise tracking.

Cycling functions: Bike electronics start with speed and distance. But you can move to units that track elevation, cadence, and power.

Navigation: If you're not looking to spend a lot, basic bike computers let you know when you're off course. More expensive bike electronics, however, compete with car navigation systems. So you can enter a destination and get the guidance, turn-by-turn.

Mountain biking functions: Mountain biking metrics cover jumps, air time, and flow. But you can also connect with Trailforks to provide trail information and navigational data.

Display quality: The more you pay for your bike electronics, the better the display features. At the low end, you'll get black and white displays. Spend more, and you can access touch-screen displays with full color.

Heart rate monitor (HRM): These functions provide cardio and training data equivalent to sophisticated fitness trackers. But, you'll need to connect to a chest strap or a fitness tracker with a wrist-based sensor to feed heart rate data to your bike computer.

How to Select Bike Electronics

These are items you’ll want to consider when it comes to selecting a bike computer electronics:

  1. Do you need basic, mid-level, or premium bike electronics?
  2. Are bundled accessories like heart rate, speed sensor, Bluetooth, and more important to you?
  3. What kind of interface do you want? Touchscreen? Button? Customizable?
  4. Are you concerned about battery life? The more features, the more drain on the battery.
  5. How much connectivity do you need? Will USB cut it, or do you want wireless capabilities?
  6. Where do you want to mount the bike computer? There are aftermarket mounts that give you more options.
  7. Do you need a navigation system?

Once you’ve narrowed down the metrics you’d like from your bike electronics, you can move on to selecting the type. 

First, there’s the straight-up bike computer that mounts directly to your bike. A more versatile approach, a fitness monitor or GPS sports watch, will give you functionality when you’re not cycling. When riding, you can mount it to your handlebars with an adaptor. Finally, a GPS-enabled smartphone can use a cycling app. If you’re looking for some great apps, you might want to try these.

Cost is always a factor. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to more than $500, depending on the features you’d like to include with your bike electronics. By the way, we’re happy to install any Garmin bike computer or Wahoo bike computers purchased from our bike store at no cost.

Shop Our Bike Store for Your Bike Electronics

Get the best bike electronics near you at our Mt. Kisco bike shop. We have them in all shapes, sizes, and functionality. Just tell us what features you need from your bike computer or other electronics, and we'll point you in the right direction. We also offer a host of other cycling gear from cycling glasses and bike helmets to simple gear like water bottles. Shop online or visit our cycling shop. Either way, you'll get great cycling products backed by our store.