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Cycling Glasses

Cycling sunglasses look great. But they serve a larger purpose -- protecting your eyes. No doubt you've been on a ride and had debris fly back in your face from bikes in front of you. And, of course, there's the occasional bug that smacks you in the face. Cycling glasses protect you from all that. Plus, you get the added benefit of UV protection and enhanced visibility. All that, and you get to look fabulous!

Some Key Features of Cycling Eyewear

Cycling glasses, including clear eyewear and cycling sunglasses, are important for protecting your eyes while riding. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you should be wearing some type of cycling eyewear. 

Your eyes need protection from harmful UV rays and sunshine. Lighter colored eyes tend to be even more sensitive to light than darker eyes. You’ll want a pair of cycling glasses with at least a UVA/UVB 400 rating.

Look for a pair that’s lightweight, with rubber ear and nose piece grips, to prevent slippage and make sure your peripheral vision is clear. And make sure they offer plenty of ventilation.

There are lots of other considerations when it comes to cycling glasses:

  • Anti-fogging
  • UV protection
  • Photochromatic lenses
  • Extra lenses
  • Hydroleophobic coating
  • Tear-offs
  • Grippers and nose piece

Weather and wind play a factor in your selection as well. It’s best to get a wrap-around style that curves around your face to protect as much as your face as possible from the elements.

Polycarbonate lenses provide greater flexibility than glass to absorb the impact of flying debris better. Wrap-around cycling glasses also provide a better barrier for wind. That’s helpful especially for contact lens wearers, to stop the wind from drying out your eyes.

Selecting Lens Colors for Your Cycling Eyewear

Depending on the conditions, your selection of lenses can make a big difference in clarity and contrast. So you’ll want to take into consideration your lens color. You might even want to have different cycling glasses, each with a different lens color to provide the best vision in different weather conditions.

Here’s a quick look at weather conditions and the recommended lens color for your cycling glasses:

  • Bright & Sunny: Gray or Green
  • Overcast: Copper or Amber
  • Cloudy: Yellow or Clear

After choosing a lens color, you might to include some enhancements like polarized lenses. They filter glare and transmit only usable light to provide increased visual clarity. Polarized cycling glasses also reduce eyestrain.

Cycling Glasses with Photochromatic and Interchangeable Lenses

Photochromic cycling glasses have become popular. The lens changes color automatically based on the weather condition. The lenses start out lighter and then when they’re exposed to bright conditions, they’ll get darker. These are especially great when you’re riding in conditions that vary from shady overcast to sunny.

You can also get bike glasses with interchangeable lenses. When using these, you choose a lens to wear for the ride, but you could bring the others along in case you need to change them for different weather conditions. 

They’ll usually come with a dark lens, a light contrast lens, and a clear option. The dark lens is to be worn when it’s sunny and bright, the contrast lens is for overcast conditions, and the clear lens is for early mornings, dusk or evenings.

You Won't Know Until You Try Them On!

The best way to find the right pair of cycling glasses is pretty simple -- try them on. So when you’re looking for cycling glasses near you in Westchester County, stop by our cycling shop in downtown Mt. Kisco. There’s something for everyone. It’s a good idea to bring your bike helmet with you when you try on cycling glasses to make sure you’ll get the right fit when you hit the road. 

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