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Electric Bikes

Since emerging in 2019, sales of electric bikes - better known as e-bikes - have soared. Deloitte predicts 130 million bikes will be sold across the globe between 2020 and 2023. With reduced prices and special offers, e-bikes are more affordable than ever. They're easy to ride, fun, and offer great value. What's not to like? So if you're looking for electric bikes for sale near you, stop by our e-bike store in Mt. Kisco, NY.

E-Bikes for Sale

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What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is a standard bicycle outfitted with a motor to provide a boost or pedal assist. So, it's the same as regular cycling, with one advantage. The pedal assistance lets you throttle up into a more powerful gear. That comes in handy if you're trying to conquer hilly terrain, have cargo you'd like to haul, or if you want to travel a distance.

Electric bikes are particularly nice for older cyclists, thanks to their assistive features. For example, if you suffer from a bad back or have knee problems, an e-bike eliminates some of the physical stress of a traditional bike. 

They're also a boon for commuters. You can cycle to work with less effort, so you're not a sweaty mess when you hit the office. Parking is also less of a concern. And an electric bicycle offers advantages over an electric scooter, a favorite of city commuters.

We have the best brands of electric bikes for sale at our e-bike store in Westchester County. So if you're looking to buy an electric bike near you, stop by or shop online. We also have an extensive lineup of accessories and cycling gear.

Need Help Finding the Right E-Bike?

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Electric Bike Technology

Unlike a traditional bicycle, an e-bike includes a motor, battery, and display. The display indicates items like battery life, speed, distance, and sometimes more, like keyboard navigation. The motor and battery differ in size and power. Generally, the more power, the more costly the electric bike, but the faster you can ride.

The motor resides in different locations depending on the bike. So, you can select from front, rear, or mid-drive motors. Each position has its advantages and disadvantages. But mid-drive motors provide the most balanced and comfortable ride because the motor is placed in the middle of the bicycle.

Motors come in wattages ranging from 250 up to 1,000 watts. To give you a better notion, here's how that translates into horsepower:

  • 250w motor = 0.33 horsepower
  • 500w motor = 0.67 horsepower
  • 750w motor = 1 horsepower

As you would suspect, the higher the horsepower, the more speed. You'll want to note that New York City restricts the motor to no more than 750w, and riders must be at least 16 years old.

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Electric Bicycle Operation

Depending on conditions, you can count on an electric bike for anywhere from 10-80 miles on a single charge. The less you use pedal assistance, the farther you can go. Although that distance might not sound like a lot, the primary advantage to the bike is that you can plug it into any outlet to recharge. 

The better the battery, the faster the charge. Today's batteries charge 75-80% of total capacity in approximately 3-4 hours and 5-8 hours, typically for a full 100% charge. You can expect a lifespan of 700 to 1,000 charges.

Lithium-ion batteries have become the default for almost all e-bikes, powering roughly 90 percent of bikes. They produce more power output for their weight than any other battery type.

You can select from three different lithium battery types:

  • Lithium Manganese
  • Lithium Cobalt
  • Lithium-ion Polymer

Each battery type presents different weights, ranges, power, and costs. Our e-bike store in Westchester County, NY can recommend the best option for your cycling style. Most of our e-bikes for sale are equipped with Bosch batteries.

Delivery person in New York riding an e-bike

E-bike Classifications

Several states are adopting this system of classifying electric bikes as a means of regulating electric bikes. The classifications breakdown like this:

  • Class 1: An e-bike equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling (no throttle) and ceases to provide pedal-assist when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 mph.
  • Class 2: A bicycle equipped with a throttle that propels the bike up to a maximum of 20 mph with the rider pedaling and may also have the ability to achieve up to 20 mph with the rider assisting without the use of a throttle.
  • Class 3: A "speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle" comes equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and ceases to provide pedal assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 28 mph.

Some states apply restrictions on Class 3 e-bikes. Although they're permitted in bike lanes on streets, they can be restricted from shared-use bike paths, such as those in parks and "rails-to-trails" bike paths designed to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

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Pedal Assist Makes the Going Easier!

An electric bike can be a great equalizer if riders’ skill and fitness levels vary widely. We have several more recreational riders who want to keep up with their friends or family members who may be more advanced. But with an e-bike, everyone can share the fun! For instance, electric bikes are offered on many bicycle touring trips for precisely this reason. 

The pedal assist option is activated when you begin pedaling your electric bicycle. As a result, when you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost.  So, you can zip up hills and cruise over challenging terrain without gassing yourself.

In addition, You can control how big of an assist you get. For example, most electric bikes come with a power switch that lets you adjust the boost setting from “eco” (low) to “turbo” (high) for when you want a little more oomph to help you up a steep hill.

Electric bikes make cycling fun. If you're ready to look for an electric bike near you in the Westchester County area, stop by our e-bike store in downtown Mt. Kisco. We have a great selection of e-bikes for sale, back by our highly recognized bike repair shop.

Check out the electric bikes for sale at our store

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Types of Electric Bikes

Like a traditional bike, electric bicycles come in many styles. You can choose road, hybrid, mountain, and commuter bike versions. Our e-bike store has each style on sale.

First, road e-bikes, like the Trek Domane +, look sleek while offering speeds up to 28 mph and a range of up to 70 miles on one charge. On the other hand, a hybrid electric bike is super practical for recreational riding. For example, the Trek Verve + is perfect for men's and women's models. 

Next, for the serious commuter, we suggest a commuter bike like the Allant + 8, which might make you want to sell your car and save on gas and parking! We have some customers who commute to work exclusively on electric bicycles and love leaving their cars parked in the driveway all week. 

Finally, if you get a kick out of riding a mountain bike in the woods, you can bump into an electric mountain bike like the Powerfly LT 9.7 and make your ride even more fun. 

If you want to buy the best electric bike, here's a great article:

Or you can stop by our electric bike shop in downtown Mt. Kisco, NY, and we'll get you hooked up. We have great e-bikes on sale, plus lots of gear to make your ride even more enjoyable.

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8 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with an Electric Bike

E-bikes are currently the most popular bicycle, and their popularity is constantly rising. They're reliable, easy to ride, affordable, and are helping people live and travel a little greener.

An electric bike levels the playing field for cyclists of all experiences. They allow couples, groups, and families with different fitness and experience levels to travel together and make cycling accessible across challenging and long distances.

Here even more reasons why people love electric bicycles:

  1. Go greater distances faster and with less effort
  2. You’ll be more likely to ride an e bike than regular bike
  3. Because you’ll ride more, you stay fit
  4. They cost less than other modes of transportation
  5. You’ll make commuting easier
  6. Climbing hills is a whole lot easier
  7. Riding through a stiff wind is much easier
  8. You’ll have a lot of fun riding

Stop by our electric bike shop serving Westchester County and take one for a test ride. You'll fall in love, too!

Top Rated E-Bikes

With the explosion of e-bikes, we keep a steady supply from some of the top-rated electric bike brands. We carry Trek, Gazelle, and Electra e-bikes.

You can shop for styles, including road, mountain, and commuter bikes. So whether you’re looking to save money on your daily commute to work or tackling the hills for a great adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Trek E-Bikes

Trek has made a name for itself in the biking industry. So it’s little surprise it’s taken a leadership position for electric bikes.

We have virtually every Trek e-bike under the sun. No matter what type of riding you like to do, we have an e-bike for you. Our top models include the Allant, Domane, Dual Sport, FX, Fuel EXe, and Verve.

Trek e-bike motors and batteries carry two-year warranties. That’s twice as long as many major brands. Plus, Trek frames have a lifetime warranty.

Gazelle E-Bikes

Gazelle electric bikes are built for everyday riding. So, they’re some of the most comfortable e-bikes on the market.

The bikes offer the ultimate flexibility for riding. You can climb a daunting hill with ease. Or arrive fresh and relaxed at work with a carefree and car-free commute. Or ride through the countryside to see where the road takes you. 

The pedal-assist e-bikes come in various styles, seating positions, and performance levels. We have the perfect e-bikes to meet the preferences and needs of every rider.

Electra E-Bikes

Electra combines comfort, stability, and performance in one stylish package.

The Loft Go! 7D is a lightweight e-bike that elevates your daily commute. With a simple and intuitive e-system and 7 speeds, it provides the range to take you to the edge of your city and everywhere.

The Townie Go! 7D is the e-bike for everyone. It combines comfort and control with the power and fun of an e-bike. It uses a fully integrated battery with three levels of support, 26" tires, and Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology.

Stop by Our Electric Bike Shop in Mt. Kisco, NY

Electric bikes are great for commuters, recreational cyclists, or people who may want to replace driving their car every day to run errands. Read to get on the bandwagon? Stop by to test ride one today. We have the top brands of electric bikes for sale at our e-bike store in Westchester County! You'll love our selection and our commitment to customer service. And if you ever have issues with your bike, our shop offers electric bike repair.

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