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Best Bike Repair Shops in NY

If you’re looking for bike repair shops near you in Westchester County, make sure you talk to our local bicycle repair shop. Expertise and Bicycling Magazine named our bicycle store one of the best repair shops in New York, for example.

We offer a variety of bike repair and maintenance services. And quotes are always free. So stop by any time for an estimate. 

We have trained and experienced bike mechanics versed in all styles of bikes and bicycle brands. But, more importantly, our mechanics are avid cyclists themselves, so each is familiar with all the parts to get you back on the road fast.

Need a bike assembled that you purchased elsewhere? No problem! We can build kids, adults, and even most electric bikes!

More Than 70 Years Combined Experience

Our mechanics are certified by:

  • Shimano
  • SRAM
  • Campagnolo (we’re a Pro Shop)
  • Reynolds
  • Trek
  • Bontrager
  • And even others

We have more than 70 years of combined experience in diagnosing and repairing bikes. So when you bring your bike to our shop for repair, you’ll never have a trainee experimenting on your bicycle. As a result, you can expect only the best work from our bike mechanics.

We test ride every repair to make sure the bike works as well on the road as it does on our repair stand.

We service suspension forks and shocks, including RockShox, Fox, SR Suntour, X-Fusion, and Manitou. We also service hydraulic brakes by SRAM, Avid, Hayes, Shimano, Hope, and Formula.

Take Advantage of Our Bike Repair & Service Packages

We offer a variety of bike repair packages designed to give you just what you're looking for. Our bike mechanics can also support you with custom repairs. Pick the package that's right for you.

Pre-Event Checkover 


(for bikes in good mechanical condition only!)

  • Safety Inspection/minor adjustments of wheels, tires, brakes, drivetrain
  • Chain wipe down and lube
  • No frame cleaning

Clean Machine


(cleaning only, no mechanical work)

  • Drivetrain cleaning
  • Frame cleaning
  • Lubricate

Standard Tune-Up


  • light frame cleaning
  • inspect frame
  • true wheels
  • adjust hubs
  • adjust bottom bracket
  • adjust headset
  • adjust brakes
  • adjust derailleurs
  • tighten crankarms
  • tighten and lube pedals
  • lubricate all pivot points
  • torque all bolts
  • inspect and lube chain
  • inspect cassette for wear
  • inflate tires and inspect for damage and wear
  • test ride
  • Parts and installation labor are additional

Precision Tune-Up 


    The Standard Tune-Up PLUS:

  • thorough drivetrain cleaning
  • thorough wheel cleaning
  • thorough frame cleaning
  • apply frame polish
  • Parts and installation labor are additional

Precision Overhaul

Starting at $299.99

Prices may vary slightly depending on the bike. Please speak with a service technician for details.

  • remove all parts
  • thoroughly clean/inspect/relube/overhaul and re-install all parts
  • thorough frame cleaning
  • thoroughly clean and wax the frame

Routine Maintenance Avoids Expensive Bike Repairs

Frequent cycling puts a lot of wear and tear on your bike. We recommend having a tune-up done once a season. During that tune-up, our bike mechanics diagnose any major issues and take care of repairs quickly. We also test ride all repairs and make sure they are final-checked by at least two senior bike mechanics. Before any tune-up, there are several things you can do to keep road bikes, mountain bikes, and other bike styles maintained in great shape. Your focus should always be on your tire pressure, brakes, and bike chain.

  1. Keep your bike clean and dry, especially the drivetrain
  2. Tighten any bolts
  3. Keep your bicycle tires properly inflated
  4. Check your bike frame for any issues
  5. Check your brake pads
  6. Keep your brakes clean and tightened
  7. Keep your bicycle parts well lubricated
  8. Double-check each bike wheel to make sure they are running true (straight)

Upgrading Your Bike

Your bike tune-up is also a great time to look into upgrading your bicycle. Several upgrades can deliver a big bang for the buck:

Bicycle Wheels: Getting a better set of bike wheels can give you a more aerodynamic ride to help you climb faster and gain more efficient power transfer. Keep your old bicycle wheels for inclement weather conditions or use on the trainer. 
Bicycle Tires: If you plan to invest in a better set of bike wheels, it makes sense to upgrade your bike tires as well. You can reduce weight and increase comfort. You will also get an improved road grip. Good tires will last thousands of miles. 
Bicycle Brakes: A lot of bikes come equipped with average brakes pads. Getting a better set will allow you to stop more readily, especially in bad weather, to improve your overall bike’s performance.
Bike Saddle: It’s your butt, so you’ve got to be comfortable. Changing the saddle can increase comfort and, in some cases, lower the weight. 
Bike Cables: Why wait until your cables are totally fraying? Replacing them during your tune-up can improve shifting and braking performance.

 Our Bike Repair Shop Gets You Back on the Road Fast

Give us a call at 914-666-4044 to find out our turnaround time. We always do our best to provide quick service to get you back on the road fast. All bike repair and maintenance services are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

NOTE: All Parts and Related Labor are additional with all tune-ups. If you’re having a tune-up done, all related labor for additional work is reduced in price. If you have recently purchased a bicycle from us, be sure to check out Bicycle World’s Mechanical Support Program.

Our local bike shop is one of the best bicycle repair shops in Westchester County.